The HESTERQUAT line are biodegradable quaternary ammonium salts, since they are produced from
natural organic bases not harmful to the environment.

Currently this product line is widely used in companies in various sectors formulations,
and who care about the environment

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Stearyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
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The HESTERQUAT line 16, is one of the main raw materials used in textile softeners formulations and hair conditioners.

The production of softeners and biodegradable conditioners is a way to integrate the science of chemistry and its technologies, environmental preservation responsibility.

The cationic softeners and conditioners are agents that act by reducing the negative charge on the tissues and treated hair, providing softness and lubricity because they rearrange the fibers of the fabric and the strands of hair, decreasing the recesses and protrusions, and thereby making -the smoother, moreover, have bacteriostatic properties.

These characteristics are fundamental in textile softeners, as are applied to tissues that remain in direct contact with the skin, such as diapers, shirts, underwear, or eventually, sheets, pillowcases, face towel and bath. These are used as the quaternary surfactants, softeners, antistatic agents and phase transfer catalysts.

Likewise, the line HESTERQUAT BKC is classified as biodegradable products. This is quaternary ammonium salts belonging to the class of cationic surfactants, and widely used in formulations of various applications such as algaecides, antimicrobial, deodorants, disinfectants, fungicides, preservatives, pool maintenance, water treatment, etc.

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